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Kainuun Puukko's Tommi Knife Series

History of Tommi Puukkos Custom Knife Our top selling products
1. The one and only original Tommi knife with 95 mm blade. Famous traditional model that dates back to 16th century
2. Most popular model in North America. Powerful tool with a longer blade.
3. VK Hunting Knife with 90 mm blade. This popular model is designed by the smith Veijo Käpylä himself.
4. This model is our most popular export knife. Many people look for a big blade for affordable price.
5. Are you looking for a more expensive model? VK hunting knife with silver bolsters and damascus blade is a knife that provokes admiration in others.
6. Women life this knife. The size of this Tommi knife fits well in the hands of women..
History since 15th century

Kainuun Puukko is proud to present to you what aficionados worldwide have come to know as some of the sharpest  knives in the world. These special finnish knives are called Tommi Puukko. Our smiths and their ancestors have been producing these quality blades dating back to 1610. That's almost 400 hundred years of accumulated skill, knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship. At the present the blades are hammered by knife smith Veijo Käpylä (VK) or Marko Lindelä (ML). You can recognize the official and real KP-Tommi Puukkos from the knife smith's initials that are smitted into the blade. The only four initials are AK, OK and at the present VK or ML.