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Handcrafted Knives To Your Collection

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Many details have an effect to quality of a collectible handcraftedknife. All the raw materials and work methods are carefully selected byexperienced knife smith. When the smith makes these decisions based onyears of experience, the end result speaks for itself. These knives are really beautiful collectible items.

Theprocess of creating new collectible knife starts from the blade. First smith heats up the steal in coaloven. When the steal is malleablesmith creates the blade by hammering the steal with tools that are specialydesigned to this job. Our smith also uses very unique technique where thesteal blade is inure to oil. This strengthens the blade to it's optimal hardness, up to 62 RChardness. This part of the process gives Tommi Puukko the strength and authenticity that Kainuun Puukkos productsare well known.

Thematerials to leather Swinger shealth and handels are carefully selected. Handels are made from rare piece of wood (infinnish 'raidanjuuripahka'). The Wooden handel is lightly oiledfor better grip and manageability. Finaly smith makes the leather Swingershealth that holds only the Tommi Puukko that it was originaly designed for.

The blade, handel and swinger shealth are allways made bythe same knive smith. This assures that all the parts are compatible.

Final touch for the collectible knife comes when the smith presses his initials tothe blade.

Even the famous president Urho Kekkonen collected these knifes and he gave Tommi Puukkos as present for many famous world leaders.