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Custom Knife - Order as You Like

Ordering custom made and unique high quality Kainuun Puukko knife is easy. Please explore our current range of knives and knife models to have an idea of the type of the knife you wish to order. In the end of each product page you can find a link for custom ordering the selected option. Please follow the link Customize this knife with special materials or colour variations. By clicking this link the browser will open a special order form. By using this form you can choose the materials and colors for your custom knife. 

Delivery of a custom knife

Please notice that it may take up to several months for knifesmith Marko Lindelä (ML) to forge a customized knife into perfection. However the basic knife models of our collection can be made for delivery within 2 weeks time. All our knives are handmade. Planning and forging custom made knifes takes a longer time due to their extreme uniqueness. We are kindly requesting for your patience when making custom knife orders. If you have any questions,you wish to order large amount of knifes or you are in a hurry with your order,please contact us by e-mail.

Customizing the leather swinger sheath for custom made knife

You can choose the color for the leather swinger sheath for your custom knife. The price for every sheath is the same and it's always made separately exactly for the knife that you order. The sheath is so precise that you can hear a slight click sound when the knife is pulled in to the sheath. There are four different colours available for the sheath: the traditional Tommi Puukko´s black and red combination, dyed brown (reddish), natural brown and black. Please select the one that suits best for your preferences.

Customizing the handle for custom made knife

Typically the handle of a knife is made of arctic wood and the colour of it is tinted. There are three basic color variations to be chosen from: black, dyed-brown (reddish) and natural brown wood (blond). You can also select the handle to be made from more expensive material- birch bark. The birch bark handle is made by glueing together thin sheets of birch bark and then grind and sand it to the desired form. The grip of a birch bark handle is especially good and many also like the looks of this material. Due to the nature of birch bark this material cannot unfortunately be chosen for any Pokara models or other knifes that have curved handle.

Customizing the blade

The blade is most important part of any custom made knife. We have selection of four basic blades that can be selected for any custom made knifes. The usual steelblade is very durable and beautiful. If you wish to show the hand forged nature of the blade than you can choose a blade with hand forged upper part or the same with a slightly made polish. The most expencive and the best available blade for your custom knife is the damascus blade. The damascus is a mixture of different coloured steels and it forms a very beautiful,unique and long lasting blade. The visual beautifulness and uniqueness of the damascus blade comes from patterns on the blade made by variations in the colors of the steels used in its making.

Customizing the bolsters for custom knife

The bolsters for custom made knifes are available in three different metals. They are solid casted. You can choose the normal brass bolsters or bronze (am.english also brass) with the same price. The silver bolsters are more expencive and they give your custom knife a more expensive lookout.

If you wish to buy a really expensive and unique knife please ask our price for a custom made knife with golden bolsters.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have any questions about ordering a custom made high quality knife from Kainuun Puukko knifesmith Marko Lindelä (ML).