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Kainuun Puukko's knifesmith Marko Lindelä

Genuine and original Tommi-knife produced by knifesmith Marko Lindelä can be identified by the initials ML forged to the blade. Kainuun Puukko's knifesmith tradition and professionalism has moved from one generation to another and each generation has refined its manufacturing methods to make Tommi-knifes today more durable, sharper and with a higher quality finish than ever before.

During the history of Kainuun Puukko, knifesmith Olavi Kemppainen passed the knifesmithing skills to Veijo Käpylä who again passed them on to the current knifesmith and owner of the Kainuun Puukko, Marko Lindelä.

The blade manufacturing techniques within the company have been developed further so that today, Tommi-knife blades have even more uniform quality and are extremely durable. This has been achieved via detailed controlling of quenching and tempering temperatures and by inspecting blade hardness by careful measuring.

Nowadays, knife orders come from all over the world. Several sworn knife enthusiasts have recognized the current Kainuun Puukko's only knifesmith's skills and expertise and the high quality of Kainuun Puukko Tommi knife series. To uphold and improve on this craftmanship and expertise Marko is currently studying to become a master knifesmith. For knife collectors, a fine crafted Tommi knife by Kainuun Puukko's knifesmith Marko Lindelä is a true gem in their collections.